"Your services save us so much time, hassle and money. It's a life save for two very time poor people.
We're appreciative of your services." Jane Menzel, Glossop

"Thanks for another wonderful, fresh and abundant delivery! I am hooked. Local produce, supporting local farmers, fresh, delivered to my door. I'm saving so much more money as I'm not buying all the extras I tend to do when I shop.  The free delivery is an excellent service! I don't have to venture out with 2 young kids to the supermarket which makes life so much easier!" Mel Cronje, Berri

"We love our fruit, veg and bread every week! Very fresh and very tasty." Sarina Frankel, Loxton

"Love my rivfresh orders every fortnight!" Paige Doevendans, Barmera

"Such a great service! Easiest way to enjoy the Riverland's finest produce!" Sarah Mitchell, Loxton

"Lovely Fresh Fruit and Veg. Excellent Delivery to Your Door. What a Great Service" Patricia Williams, Waikerie

"Thankyou so much for our order. I love Fridays! Thankyou for providing such a great service. We really appreciate what you do."
Claire and Michael Western, Bookpurnong Hill

"I really like your site and the fact that your service is excellent and I highly recommend it.  The fruit and vegetables are always fresh and they store extremely well."
Sue Kalisch, Renmark 

"Your produce and free delivery is so good, wouldnt matter what day for me...keep up the great work!"
Deb Johns, Waikerie 

"I have been receiving your awesome fruit n veg for about a month now and I am wrapped! Everything is beautiful and fresh and delivery is brilliant! I wish you guys all the best"
Jayne Wishart, Berri 

"Very happy with delivery and quality of produce. Keep up the good work guys, well done."
Caren Sutherland, Moorook 

"Wow, wow, wow, very impressed with the quality and so fresh.Thank you."
Lyn Seears, Glossop 

"Thanks so much for our first delivery. We couldn't be happier with the service and the professional packaging and delivery."
Jodi Smith, Cobdogla

"Thank you for your service I love that its one less thing I have to worry about and the fruit and veg is always amazing and fresh and last soo much longer than supermarket fruit and veg!!"
Jane, Glossop 

"I received my first order today from you and want to let you know how impressed I am. Fantastic service and fantastic products. Well done on a brilliant concept. Im also extremely pleased to be able to support a local Riverland business."
Mitch Gibbs, Loxton

"Great prices and so fresh" 
Keryn Johns, Barmera

"First Riverland business that I'm truly impressed with"
Bianca, Loxton

"Thank you for the lovely fruit and Vegetables you delivered on Friday. They were outstanding. Very fresh and excellent quality. It’s good to know we can now have quality fruit and vegetables at reasonable prices, delivered to our homes here in the Riverland. I would highly recommend Riverland Fresh to people in the Riverland."
Mary Perre, Bookpurnong

"We got our first delivery last Friday, great produce"
Sam Morgan, Loxton

“I received my first order from you last week and was exceptionally happy with the quality of produce and service provided. I will definitely be placing an order next week”
Elaine Lewan, Renmark

"Highly recommend it - our office has been getting veggie orders for a few weeks now! Easy, cheap and tasty"
Hannah Spronk, Berri

"The produce is fresh and very competitively priced, and having a delivery service is the best! It's the farmers market coming to me!"
Sadie Pascoe, Berri

"Really impressed with the quality of fruit & veg from our first order last week - we will be regulars."
Chelsea, Loxton North

"Was so excited to get my order today, everything is so fresh and gorgeous!! What's even better it tasted just as delicious as it all looked, thanks heaps!"
Donna Felder, Loxton

"How did I not know about this til now! What a fabulous thing for busy mums!! I've been so impressed with the ease of ordering and the quality produce I've received. Thanks guys, keep up the great work"
Carli Ambrose, Berri

"Awesome prices and quality and its delivered to your door! Can’t get much better than that!"
Heather Wynands, Overland Corner

"Extremely happy with my first order, will be placing an order every week from now on"
Allison Johns, Loxton

"Congratulations Megan and Mark on a wonderful business---awesome fruit and veg and delivered to my door---what more could I ask for!!!"
Kristen White, Waikerie

"Thanks for the great produce last week, it has been fantastic! Lasts so much longer than supermarket produce and tastes better too!"
Chelsea Eleveld, Loxton

"Just received my order and it was fantastic!! Even my 2 year old approved of the bananas and apples straight away. Thinking I need a bigger fridge to keep all the yummy fruit and veg! Thanks, will be ordering again soon."
Sarah Garrett, Berri

"I just received my order ..... Looks fantastic thank you"
Janine Martin, Berri

"Thanks so much, your service is awesome."
Mandy Freeman, Monash

"All of my orders so far have been spot on from you guys. Thanks"
Jane Griffiths, Waikerie

"Products are great thank you. I’m spreading the word"
Fiona Binder, Berri

"Thanks Riverland Fresh for my delivery today. Looks great and good value straight to my door!"
Kirsten Ogle, KOM

"Loving the produce and ease of home deliveries."
Gill Holtham, Berri

"Thank you for last week’s order. It was fantastic to come home from holidays and not rush off to do a food shop."
Taylor Swinstead, OVC

"Thank you for my first order, very, very, very happy"
Noni Mader, KOM

"Super fresh fruit and veges delivered to your door. Good old fashion service - wonderful."
Cheryl Maclannan, Glossop

"Thank you, I was really happy with our order last week, the fruit, veges and produce was of a great quality. I really like the convenience of getting the home delivery and having that consistent day each week"
Tracy Minogue, Moorook

"We're loving this fresh fruit and veg- we're eating better because of it"
Lisa Millard, Barmera

"Thanks for the veggie delivery!! Everything looks so fresh and delicious!!!"
Rachael Thomson, Waikerie

"May I just say, your strawberries are delicious!!! They are so big and juicy and smell amazing! Even my husband (who is not a big fruit and veg fan) cannot stop praising how amazing they are as well as how fresh and delicious the other fruit and veg we have received from you"
Heather Gittos, Renmark

"I have been raving about your service. Brilliant!"
Kimberley Paxon, Loxton

"Thanks for the delivery today, great quality again."
Stephanie Gropler, Monash

"Last week was my first order and I was so impressed, thank you."
Nikki Tullet, Loxton

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Carly Johnson, Barmera

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Vondi Selfe, Barmera

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Kim Braunack, Monash

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Dara Clayton, Barmera